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"An alchemist was a person versed in the art of alchemy, an ancient branch of natural philosophy that eventually evolved into chemistry and pharmacology." There are a large number of alchemists in "the Witcher-verse". Like Fullmetal Alchemist, a japanese manga series, the world of the Witcher is a fictional universe in which alchemy is one of the most advanced scientific techniques.

We know of several alchemists through the alchemical manuscripts and books that are mentioned or found throughout the books and game. There may be more, who spent less time writing, and more time simply experimenting, who have left no trace in "history". Some alchemists from the books and game are listed below.

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In The Witcher, most alchemists are also merchants and at least one is a witch. In fact, the only known alchemist in the game who is not also a merchant is Azar Javed.

  • Azar Javed, not also a merchant
  • Kalkstein
  • the alchemist in the Trade Quarter marketplace
  • the alchemist in the workshop in the Trade Quarter
  • Abigail is a witch, but she trades in alchemical ingredients and indulges in a bit of alchemy herself
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