The alchemist at the Crematory in the northeast of the Oxenfurt Gate was a mage in hiding, under the guise of an apothecary.

While he doesn't give a unique card, he will play gwent, using the Nilfgaardian deck.


If Geralt met him in 1272, he asked the alchemist whether he was selling potion ingredients, but the man lied, saying he was just an apothecary and not a mage, but Geralt saw through his lies, as he had seen the man at the summit at Loc Muinne. The man then explained that he had condemned Radovid, which cause Carduin to have him beaten. After the slaughter at Loc Muinne, he hide out in the woods near Ban Gleán, but he then moved to Novigrad, where he started to beg, until he was noticed by the King of Beggars, who provided him a work at the Crematory.

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