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Aldert Geert was an Oxenfurt scholar and an assistant professor of Contemporary History at Oxenfurt Academy in 1272. He was a gwent player, using the Nilfgaardian Empire deck and, if beaten, gave the Zoltan Chivay gwent card.

Biography Edit

In May 1272, Aldert was passing through White Orchard, eager to reach the front lines of the Third Northern War, in order to describe and catalogue it in what he hoped would be his magnum opus. While in the small, war-torn village, he dropped into the local inn at the same time as Geralt and Vesemir and attempted to teach some locals how to play gwent, though both parties got more frustrated than anything else.

Shortly after, in his misguided attempt to be in the middle of the action, Aldert was caught and hanged from Velen's Hanged Man's Tree by an unknown faction.

Associated quests Edit

Notes Edit

  • Beneath his body you can find his unfinished book and the Zoltan card if you didn't beat or talk to him in White Orchard.
  • If you play him at gwent, after the match has finished, he will recommend that if you are in Oxenfurt, play the innkeep Stjepan, which will activate the quest Gwent: Playing Innkeeps.
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