Aldona Lamch[1] was a woman from the village of Brunwich.


Aldona once studied medicine at Oxenfurt Academy where she became friends with Shani. However, she was forced to abandon her course after one year and return to Brunwich as her parents were unable to continue funding her tuition. Later, Aldona was engaged to Johnnus de Bogar, the son of a wealthy textile manufactory owner.

In 1272, Aldona's parents organized a lavish wedding which encompassed the entire village of Brunwich. In part, this was to demonstrate that the Lamch family was not beleaguered by poverty, which Johnnus's family believed to be the case, and who considered the marriage to be a mésalliance. Among the invitees was Shani who came to the wedding with Geralt. Later at midnight the traditional capping was held, and she was officially married to Johnnus.

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