Alexy von Everec was a member of the von Everec family having passed away some time prior to 1272. When Geralt visited the crypt to try and talk to Vlodimir von Everec, Alexy was among several family members that arose as ghosts to try and kill Geralt, wrongly assuming the witcher had killed the last of their kin, Olgierd von Everec.


  • Oddly, his tomb inscription states he was 19 years old when he died, yet his ghost is clearly much older. Either this was a typo or a mistake on the character model.
  • He's the only von Everec ghost without a complete game model (he has clothes, but no face).
  • The game files indicate he's Olgierd's (and therefore Vlodimir's) cousin, though nothing in the actual game notes this.
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