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Alina was a young girl from Murky Waters and the daughter of the village chief, Tobias Hoffman. She was to be married to Julian, a rich merchant from Kovir, much to the disgust of her jealous sister Celina and the poet Adam, who was secretly in love with her.

She can initially be found in her house in the village of Murky Waters. Later, once she becomes a noonwraith, she usually hangs out near the ruin mill in the Fields.

She seemed strangely resigned to marrying Julian and appeared fond of him, at least in a way, but she also showed no intention whatsoever of ending her affair with Adam which she carried on every day at noon, in the raspberry patch in the fields. She did seem jealous of Celina's attempts to gain Julian's attention, even though this last endeavor was proving fruitless.

She had also developed quite an attachment to Alvin. She would have dearly loved to have adopted him and raise him with Julian, but Julian was not so taken with the prospect of raising a child who was, from all reports, a source.

The jealous rivalry with her sister reached a peak one day when Celina started to argue with her, near the Raspberry patch, and ended up pushing Alina down and causing Alina to hit her head on a rock, killing her instantly. Because she was murdered in this manner, Alina arised as a noonwraith, doomed to forever roam the fields.

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A young girl from Murky Waters. Soon she will marry Julian, against the will of her jealous sister Celina and the poet Adam, who loves her.

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