Alondra, also known as the Heron Knight and later Noble Alondra, was a Toussaintois knight whose deeds turned her into a near-mythical heroine.

Biography Edit

Dressed as a man and using a fictitious name, Alondra served as a squire to an unknown noble. Just before being dubbed a knight, she revealed her identity and was forced into exile.

Choosing to hide her true self once more, Alondra began to call herself the Heron Knight and took to living in the Korath desert where she defended pilgrims.

When the Battle of Cervantes Pass commenced on the duchy's borders, Alondra rushed to the battle in order to fight for the duke. Badly wounded, she was taken to the field hospital and recognized. The duke, moved by her courage, dubbed her a knight. She then served him for a time until mysteriously disappearing. The most popular legend has it the Lady of the Lake summoned her to the bottom of Lac Célavy, where Alondra remains as the underwater realm's guardian.

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