Alonso Wiley (also known as Whoreson, and later as Whoreson Senior) was a Redanian crime boss, and the father of Cyprian Wiley. Prior to his death, Alonso Wiley was one of the "Big Four", a group of the most powerful crime bosses in the Big Four. His place was later taken by his son, who went on to become known as Whoreson Junior.


Alonso Wiley was said to be a ruthless man with sadistic tendencies, and a lack of scruples – all traits that allowed him to be a relatively successful gangster and "rule" districts in the Free City of Novigrad. He was the owner of many prestigious casinos, fighting rings and brothels in the city. However, Alonso was also a patron of the arts, as evidenced by the fact that he bequeathed the Rosemary and Thyme, one of his brothels, to Dandelion.[1]

Alonso was later assassinated by men under orders from his own son Cyprian, while he was en route to a poetry recital.[2] Upon his death, all of Alonso's property and holdings passed down to his son, bar the Rosemary and Thyme, which was given to Dandelion.

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