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Amavet was the son of Queen Riannon and King Goidemar of Temeria, making him a prince of Temeria.


He was one of three children known as the Houtborg triplets; a set of twins and another child born while Riannon was imprisoned by Falka. The other two children were Adela and Fiona. After Falka died, none knew which of the three children were Riannon's twins and which was Falka's child as Riannon had gone insane during her imprisonment. At one point some suspected Amavet was Falka's due to some oddities (like starting to speak at 9 months old) but his sisters soon showed oddities of their own, making it a moot point.[1]

Sorcerers summoned by King Goidemar later found out that Adela was Falka's daughter,[2] but they told the king that they weren't able to determine which child was Falka's to avoid a scandal and the execution of a 2-year old child. Therefore, the three were brought up as siblings.

Teen Years[]

Around 12 years old, Amavet began to romance many women, including those that were married. When he was 17, he began a romance with one such married woman, Tvilla de Vintre, who was 10 years older than him. This caused a small scandal in the court and Goidemar discreetly took care of it by having Tvilla and her husband removed from the court and capital, then had a long discussion with his son about his behavior. However, this fell on deaf ears and he soon set his sights on Ilona Laux-Antille, an assistant to the sorceress Tissaia de Vries. As it turned out, this wasn't a very good idea as Ilona used her magic to destroy any hopes of a planned marriage between Amavet and Princess Deirdre of Kaedwen.[1]

After the fallout, Illona was sentenced to house arrest at Aretuza and 18 year old Amavet was sent to one of the provinces to do a long border inspection of the troops in hopes of keeping him out of trouble. One of the border commanders was Roger Kameny, the husband of the beautiful Anna Kameny, and soon Amavet was having an affair with her. When the husband learned about this, he hired some bandits and ambushed the young prince while he was on a hunt, castrating Amavet before brutally murdering him. It turns out that Anna had gotten pregnant during their affair though, and ended up giving birth to twins: a daughter Muriel and a son Crispin, though it was never revealed to anyone who their father really was.

Amavet was buried in the royal crypt beneath Vizima's Palace.[1]


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