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Ambassador de Ruyter was an ambassador of Redania for Kovir and Poviss, who owned an estate in the kingdom's winter capital, Lan Exeter. He descended from the most celebrated branch of the de Ruyter family, who had been respected counts for nine generations. De Ruyter, like much of the Redanian aristocracy, disliked Sigismund Dijkstra and found the need to entertain the arch-spy a personal affront, but was able to hide it thanks to his diplomatic skills.[1]


  • Ruyter was also the last name of a famous Dutch admiral of the 1600s.
  • Several other de Ruyter's are mentioned in the series, including Count de Ruyter, father of Joanna, Jolanta and Julia, and Kobus de Ruyter, who served Redania during the Battle of Brenna. It is unknown what relation the ambassador was to the other members of the de Ruyter lineage.


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