Amell is a mountainous range that separates the Northern Kingdoms from the Nilfgaardian Empire and its vassal states. Amell is famous for its jade and jasper mines, as well as its white marble, of which many elven sculptures were made.

Within Amell there are many passes, that connect Toussaint with the North and South, such as the Theodula Pass, Cervantes Pass, Malheur Pass, Sansmerci Pass and Mortblanc Pass.

Mount Gorgon is the highest peak in the Amell range, said to be covered with fog most of the time. Sansretour River, Blessure, Newi, Marnadal and Yelena all have their sources within the Amell.

To the south lies the Sudoth Valley and the Mag Turga highlands, to the east, the Fiery Mountains and Tir Tochair, to the west the Great Sea and the Yaruga river to the north.

Locations[edit | edit source]

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