A book addressed to young adepts of the Art. It deals with the basics of magic and witcher Signs.


An Invitation to Magic
by Anabelle Radfind
"Magic is an incarnation of Chaos, a key which opens forbidden doors to nightmares, to the powers of pure Evil capable of annihilating the entire world. Do you not fear magic? Do you still want to tame it, to wield it?
Know then that magic is a talent given only to the chosen few. Have you found this talent within you? Do you want to tap into this source?
Know then that years of intensive study await you. You must gain extensive knowledge and constantly sharpen your mind. Creative magic is not witcher Signs and parlor tricks. Magic is an Art.
Once you learn to control the Art, you will gain power over fire, water, earth and air. Power over people's minds. Power over yourself."

Journal entries


Excerpt from The World of the Witcher

An Invitation to Magic
by Anabelle Radfind
''A dwimveandra is a young sorceress who practices on the road, much like ajourneyman artisan. After finishing their education at Aretuza, some girls decide not to become apprenticed to a specific mistress, but instead embark on a journey, allowing them to train with various sorcerers. After spending several years on this atypical internship, a dwimveandra may apply for an exam which will verify the abilities she has gained. Passing the exam grants her the title of Mistress of Magic."
– pg. 91, The World of the Witcher
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