An Unfortunate Turn of Events is a treasure hunt quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

To find it, go to the abandoned site north of Lurtch/south of the Devil's Pit (known as Lovers' Landing), and look along the shoreline on the east side of the site (you may need to free the area first to get it). There should be a man's body between one of the destroyed boats and some of the rocks. Loot his corpse for the unsent letter and read it, which will then indicate an area to search further out in the river. There are a couple drowners here, so take them out, then you're free to loot the chest for its contents.

Journal entry Edit

While Geralt knew reading other people's correspondence was ill-mannered, he also knew it could prove extremely useful - for one never knows what interesting discoveries one might make...
Melitele bless ye, Nittel!
Listen, Nittel, that little case you gave me to transport... was there anything of value inside? Because thing is, I had a bit of an unfortunate work accident and... well, the blasted case fell in the water and I couldn't spy it for the life of me. I tried to fish it out, but some devil must live on the bottom there, cause every time I tossed my net, I'd catch a snare. Maybe there's, I don't know, some way I can repay you? A discount on your next shipment, maybe?
Nittel didn't seem to have bothered retrieving the sunken case, for it was still resting on the bottom when Geralt found it. Though this was not the easiest of tasks, Geralt fished it out and, enriched by the contents of this lucky find, marched on to his next adventure.

Objectives Edit

  • Read the letter you found.
  • Find the cargo that fell off the ferryman's boat by using your Witcher Senses.

Bugs Edit

  • Despite being in Velen, in the quest log this quest is labeled as being in Novigrad.