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Ancient leshen decoction is a potion in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This potion is bugged; despite its description, the ancient leshen decoction does not trigger with the majority of signs, nor does it provide the stated 2 stamina regeneration per casting. Instead, it functions only with the Axii sign, and provides 5 stamina regeneration per casting.

This bonus lasts until combat ends, and can stack without limit.

The description may have been written wrong, as the potion does work with alternate sign modes, except for Yrden. It also appears to give 2.5 stamina regeneration as every other use it raises it by 3 instead of 2.

Crafting Requirements Tw2 icon crafting.svg


  • The decoction works very well with Quens alternative mode, Active Shield, as when at maximum it does not use up stamina without getting hit by an enemy. Thus it is possible to spam the alternate sign mode to build up regeneration.
  • It also works with other signs alternate modes.
    • Aard Sweep works however it uses up stamina thus cannot be spammed so much at the beginning of a fight
    • While Igni alternate mode, Firestream, also works it's a very poor choice as the regeneration does not increase if Geralt gets interrupted while using it.
    • Puppet also works however it's slow to cast and like normal Axii will give 5 regeneration instead of 2.5
  • The effect works very well with the ekhidna decoction, especially when combined with Active Shield. Once the regeneration builds up Geralt will become practically unkillable.