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Province of Angren is an administrative unit within the Nilfgaardian Empire. Named after the region Angren, it seemingly consists of southern Dol Angra lands and left-bank Riverdell[2] – ironically lacking of Angren itself, which was given to Temeria after the Peace of Cintra.[3]

The "Angrenians" are apparently skilled in wilderness survival.[4]

Notable locations

Notable people


The existence of this area in the franchise is a result of mistakes made by creators of early world maps, including both Stanislav Komárek and CD Projekt. The first one was drawn before Andrzej Sapkowski provided the exact location of Angren in his Baptism of Fire, while the latter probably didn't notice the mistake.

Nevertheless, the area was given a description in The Witcher Role-Playing Game, making it a part of the official lore.


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