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Anselm was a merchant working in conjunction with his business partner Griswold.


In 1272, Anselm, along with Griswold, his business partner, traveled to Velen from an unspecified place to trade with Phillip Strenger, the Bloody Baron, having deemed the venture worthwhile due to the lack of competition in the area. The merchants hired a number of mercenary guards to keep them safe in the war-torn lands of Velen, however, the guards themselves turned on the merchants after the group were out of sight of any settlements. Geralt of Rivia encountered the bandit guards attacking Anselm and Griswold on the road south of Mulbrydale.

If Geralt saved the merchants: Anselm and Griswold completed their plan by traveling to Crow's Perch, and began trading with the locals there, out of a stall near the main gate.

Associated quest


  • It can take awhile for him to show up at Crow's Perch (roughly a week).
    • There's also a possibility that him showing up is tied to another quest (like doing Forefathers' Eve).
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