Antoinette was a noblewoman from Beauclair, Toussaint, that Geralt meets after his audience with the King at the Royal castle in the original game.

The Witcher

At the beginning of Chapter V. Her cousins, Buse, Corbin and Ramerot are in hiding in the refugee caves in the swamp cemetery after incurring the disfavour of the king and they are completely out of orens.

When Geralt speaks to Antoinette, she mentions that she recognizes Geralt because in her home many years ago, she saw him dancing all night with a sorceress that he was very fond of.

Geralt doubts this due to his inability to dance. Antoinette questions if all Witcher's have white hair; Geralt says he is the only one, and she says she must be confused because she remembers him dancing with a sorceress.

Associated quest

Antoinette's cousins

  • Corbin is in the Druids' cave.
  • Buse is in the refugee cave nearest the entrance to the cemetery on Cemetery Island.
  • Ramerot is in the southernmost refugee cave, in the chamber next to the boxer, Zdenek.
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