The following is considered comics canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

April was a trainee sorceress and the apprentice of Dorreniel.


While in Kaedwen and travelling to Devil's Tooth, April and Dorreniel came across the witchers Geralt of Rivia and Vesemir in the woods. While they rode together, Geralt and April discussed her hunchback disfigurement and her dreams of magically fixing it and living a long life. She then asked Geralt to meet her two days later at the camp.

The next day, they all came across Dandelion herding sheep, who mocked April for her disability. After leaving him, they came to the School of the Wolf camp and parted ways with the witchers.

After April and Dorreniel arrived at Devil's Tooth, they began a ritual to make the sorceresses beautiful, resulting in April's disfigurement changed into a fully grown woman. She left the camp with the other young sorceresses, and met Geralt across the lake, where he acknowledged her beauty and kissed her. During the night, she stole his witcher medallion without his knowledge, secretly serving the king. In the morning, they awoke on the ground having spent the night together, and saw King Radowit II's men heading for Devil's Tooth. Geralt left for his camp, while April prepared to return to Dorreniel.

Her, Dorreniel, Radowit II, Treyse, and Rennes went searching for Geralt, and April found his and Gweld's medallions on the ground.[1]


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