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Nenneke, the high priestess of Melitele

The high priest/high priestess or archpriest/archpriestess is a distinguished rank in the loose ladder of Nordling priesthood, under a hierarch.[1]

These women and men oversee large, ancient temples devoted to one of the major deities of the pantheon. Whether they slowly push their racial prejudice as "blessed counsels" to monarchs or run noted schools and greenhouses, hardly anyone can ignore their impact on the daily life of the Northern Kingdoms including Skellige.

Notable people

In Nilfgaard

In the Nilfgaardian Empire, the High Priest is the highest religious rank belonging to the head of the state cult of the Great Sun. At least since Emreis family is on the throne, the high priesthood is a hereditary rank of emperors,[2] who are also one of two principal objects of worship after the Sun itself.[3]