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Confess, Foltest! Before the gods and the people! Boussy and Anais are the fruit of your loins! Bow to the Gods and admit the truth!
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- Archpriest, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The Archpriest was high-ranking cleric in 1271 who run the ancient Monastery on grounds of La Valette Castle.


In April 1271, when nobles of northwestern Temeria spearheaded by Maria Louisa La Valette revolted against Foltest, the archpriest sided with them.

After the rebellious army's defeat, Foltest, Geralt of Rivia and Vernon Roche met him once they manage to reach the Monastery in order to learn where the royal children were taken. Geralt hexed the archpriest with Axii to reveal they are in the solar.

Associated Quest[]

Journal Entry[]

This church dignitary, confident of his god's protection, greeted the intruders with harsh words. Yet he succumbed to persuasion and revealed where the king would find his illegitimate offspring.