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Arcsea, also referred to as Arc Coast, is a region on the Gulf of Praxeda. It is crossed by Lutonski road named after one of its trading hubs, coastal city Luton.

Arcsea gained infamy after the butcher of Blaviken when six men and one woman were killed by Geralt of Rivia at the centre of Blaviken's marketplace.


The first known ruler of this land was the half-legendary Sambuk, who led settlers to areas of Lower Pontar and Arcsea, where he established the first local human realm. Later on, these and other lands became Redania under Radovid the Great and his descendants.[2]

When Gedovius Troyden proclaimed independent Kovir and Poviss and subsequently forced Kings Radovid III and Benda of Kaedwen to sign the First Treaty of Lan Exeter, he incorporated the coast into the East March, subjected to margraves appointed by the House of Thyssen residing in Hengfors.[3]

During the Secession of Poviss and subsequent turmoil in the kingdom caused by Rhyd and Idi, Audoen separated Arcsea and Hengfors from Kovir to create his own minor realm. After his death, Redania annexed Arcsea, but Niedamir, his son, managed to stabilize his rule over Caingorn.[4]

Later, at some point, civil conflict raged on between an unnamed Redanian duke of Arcsea and his daughter Helena Lange-Haare, who proclaimed him a "usurper with stolen throne". She, with the aid of Chalimir of Black Frydland, emerged victorious from the war.[1]


Arcsea borders regions of Hengfors, Creyden and Yamurlak, as well as the northern part of Redania.


  • The Polish name of the location (Łukomorze) is possibly inspired by the mythical Russian land of Lukomorye.