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Arnout Vester was a famous bounty hunter from the Nilfgaardian Empire and one of many that aimed to catch the witcher Letho of Gulet.

If Ghosts of the Past is completed: he ended up in Lindenvale with his gang, having gotten word that Letho was hiding out at the abandoned Reardon Manor. However, Arnout didn't realize the witcher had tracked him down already and bribed his arbalist to help fake his death. Letho then confronted Arnout directly in Lindenvale. Letho didn't go down without fight, taking out most of Arnout's men.

If Geralt kills the rest: incensed by this, Geralt then ran in and decided he could at least finish them off, killing Arnout.
If Geralt lets the rest go: deciding this wasn't his fight, Geralt let Arnout and the rest of his men go, who then spread the word that Letho was dead.

Associated Quest[]