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Ashes of Aedirn is the second main quest in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.


After finishing the Hunting the Queen battle in Lyria, you will travel to Aedirn and encounter Scoia'tael about to hang Rayla, a Lyrian officer, along with others. This starts the A Forestalled Execution battle. After the battle, head west and get the golden chest and then follow the path east for a while and at the split road, you can optionally head north to do the Not a Living Soul battle. Continuing on leads to Wayfarer's Beech which after passed by and headed north from, will start a cutscene where Meve discusses battle strategies with Reynard Odo and Gascon Brossard.

Later you will make your way to Gatberg, where you can choose to attack the city and free it of Nilfgaardians in The Price of Peace quest. Head east of from Gatberg until you come across burning fields, an example of the Blackclad's ruthlessness, where heading north you can do the Born of Fire battle or keep heading northwest. After heading northwest, Rayla will tell you about the strength of Rosberg, and how she doesn't believe the Nilfgaardians would be able to take it. After walking for a while, you will arrive at a burned and abandoned Nilfgaardian army camp. You can walk through it or do the New Roots battle in the centre. Past the camp lies the city of Rosberg, set aflame by the Nilfgaardians, much to Meve and Rayla's surprise, which after sighting, begins The Battle of Rosberg.


  • Go to Rosberg
  • Make your way through the Moulderwood
  • Go to Aldersberg
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