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Asse (d. September 1267) was one of the members of the Rats. He was the son of the local blacksmith of Thurn. When the Pacifiers from Gemmera invaded Thurn in order to suppress a rebellion, he was forced to hide beyond some hemp plants, while his father, his mother and his sisters were brutally murdered. He then followed the soldiers for three days, with the goal of avenging his family. He then saved Mistle from a ditch where she had been thrown in, after some Nilfgaardian deserters brutally raped and nearly killed her. They then met Giselher, Reef, Kayleigh and Iskra during the holiday of Lammas in a village or Geso and formed a gang. He had a laughable beard and liked to wear a studded black leather jacket.

The entire gang, with the exception of Ciri, was killed at the hands of Leo Bonhart in Jealousy.

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