Disambig-icon This article is about the character from the cancelled add-on The Witcher: Outcast. For other people named Astrid, see Astrid (disambiguation).

Astrid is character from cancelled add-on The Witcher: Outcast described as being in her mid-twenties, with jet black hair, and green eyes.


Astrid has had a largely untroubled childhood. Though many feared she would be fey like her mother, she was a confident child. When her father remarried to Gisla, the family became less close, but still remained happy. Though her father's relationship with Shiltzen seemed very sour, the gnome was favourable towards her, and on occasion he has taken her secretly to his house.

When Astrid was nineteen she was caught after dark by a group of drunken traders that were visiting the island. Caught by surprise, she was disarmed and pinned, while the traders prepared to have their way with her. Suddenly, a huge monster burst onto the scene, killing the traders. Though Astrid was certain she was to die, the monster left her unharmed. Instead, it briefly touched her hand. She saw intelligence in its eyes and it seemed about to speak. She swore then to come to the monster's aid should it ever need her.

Since that day, she has watched out for those that seek out the beast, and on some occasions, she has killed them. But her efforts to save the monster are in vain, for as she kills those that seek it, so its legend grows.


  • This information (and this character) are from documents for the canceled add-on Outcast for The Witcher.
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