Attre is a duchy and vassal state to the Northern Kingdom of Cintra, south of the capital city of Cintra. Even after Cintra was conquered by Nilfgaard, Attre remained Cintra's vassal.[1]

National Emblems

Two distinctive coats of arms of Attre were originally created by Stanislav Komárek, Sapkowski's associate and Czech translator, and Mboro, heraldist and creator of several homebrew Continent emblems. The Mboro's Nilfgaardian variant was made official in CD Projekt's The Witcher franchise.

Emblems visible in the infobox were adopted after nilfgaardization of Attre. The ones below were used in different periods of the Duchy's history.

Coats of Arms

COA Attre COA Attre Skel COA Attre Cin COA Attre Nilf alt COA Attre


Flag Attre Flag Attre Skel Flag Attre Cin


Early history

Attre existed as principality as early as the first half of the 9th century. During the Six Years' War it sided with King Abdank of Temeria, which eventually forced its contemporary ruler or heir, Prince Venger, to abandon his realm after the peace was achieved in 836.[2]

Vassal of Cintra

Rulers from the next dynasty fell under Cintran influence no later than 1233, when Queen Calanthe of Cintra granted them the right to use the Cintran Lion in their in gratitude for aiding her during the Battle of Hochebuz.[3] The last person to bear this enriched coat of arms was Duke Windhalm. He was a suitor to both Pavetta and Cirilla, Cintran princesses, in hope to strengthen the bonds between the two realms, although both attempts failed.[4]

Northern Wars and nilfgaardization of Attre

Gwent cardart nilfgaard rainfarn of attre

Sir Rainfarn wearing Nilfgaardian set of armor with a heavy heart

Windhalm managed to survive the Northern War I, when both Attre and Cintra fell under Nilfgaardian conguest. He led a rebellion encompassing the two states, at the end however it was crushed in early 1267 and the last Nordling ruler of the Duchy was publicly (and spectacularly) executed.[5] Few rebels who neither escaped to Verden or were captured continued the fight to at least 1st July with Skelliger aid,[6] but were eventually supressed.

Most of the Attre's nobility on the other hand sided with Nilfgaard after Windhalm's execution,[1] with Sir Rainfarn as the prime example.[7] The upper classes of Attrean society appearently adopted the Nilfgaardian culture. It is unknown whether the current var Attre dynasty, consisting of Duke var Attre and his relatives,[8] is Nilfgaardian or nilfgaardized Attrean.

Geography and Climate

Attre borders the sea. The landscape is characterised by many dunes, which may suggest arid climate.

Notable Attreans



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