Aurora Tasso was Queen Calanthe's agent and one of the most influential persons on the Cintran court prior to the Slaughter of Cintra.

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In 1252, some time prior to the fateful birthday party of Crown Princess Pavetta, Aurora accompanied Calanthe and her court on the hunt. After Geralt of Rivia saved the royal ladies from a monster, she was the one who proposed he should stay until the wedding, seducingly promising she would accompany him.

In the night, Pavetta unconsciously caused hallucinations in her guards' minds – including the Geralt's. Tasso, untouched by the princess' psionic abilities, noticed the witcher's state and tricked him to have sex with her, abusing the fact that he had visions of Yennefer. She then forced him to swear he would kill the Urcheon of Erlenwald.

During the birthday feast she demanded Geralt to fulfill his "oath", but he said that it was unwilling and only in a dream.

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Tasso was apparently lustful, but it wasn't certain whether was it her real trait or just pretended. She was manipulative, clever, resourceful – and committed to the goals of Cintra and Calanthe without demur.

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  • tasso means "badger" in Italian.

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