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Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha, also known as Avallac'h, was an elf and Aen Saevherne who had the ability of traveling between the worlds of the Aen Elle and Aen Seidhe. He met Geralt and told the witcher about a prophecy connected with Ciri. He was nicknamed 'Fox' by the unicorns.

Lara Dorren originally intended to marry him, before she fell in love with Cregennan of Lod.

He was the one who brought Ciri to the Aen Elle king Auberon, promising Ciri that she would be allowed to return to her world, if she conceived a child with the king. Eredin however claimed that Avallac'h was lying.

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Who was Lara Dorren originally intended to marry in the Witcher books? toggle section
In the Witcher books, Lara Dorren was originally intended to marry an elf as part of the elves' plans to reclaim the world. However, she fell in love with a human, which disrupted these plans.
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What role does Avallac'h play in Ciri's journey to the Aen Elle king Auberon? toggle section
Avallac'h plays a significant role in Ciri's journey to the Aen Elle king Auberon. He lures Ciri to the Aen Elle world and takes her to the palace in Tir ná Lia. There, Ciri is given an ultimatum by Avallac'h and Eredin: either she must bear a child with the king to reintroduce the Elder blood to the elves, or she will never leave the palace. Despite the king's disdain for humans, Ciri agrees to the bargain. Avallac'h also protects Ciri from Eredin's malicious intentions and helps her hide from the Wild Hunt on the Isle of Mists. He plays a key role in the defense of Kaer Morhen and advises Geralt that victory over Eredin would require magic assistance. Avallac'h also attempts to teach Ciri to control her incredible talent.
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What is the relationship between Avallac'h and Ciri in the Witcher Netflix series? toggle section
In the Witcher Netflix series, Avallac'h has a complex relationship with Ciri. He is deeply interested in her and her genealogy, primarily due to her unique lineage. However, it's suggested that his interest is pragmatic, and he may secretly loathe her for the human blood in her veins. This information comes to light when a she-elf, claiming to be Avallac'h's lover, insults Ciri and states that Avallac'h despises his need for her. This relationship is a source of tension and conflict in the series.
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What is the meaning of Avallac'h's full name, Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha? toggle section
Avallac'h's full name, Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha, is a traditional elven name in the Witcher universe. However, the specific meaning of his name is not explicitly explained in the Witcher books or the Netflix series. It's likely that each part of his name has a unique significance in the elven language or culture. Avallac'h is also known as 'The Mysterious Elf', which adds to the enigmatic nature of his character.
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The following is considered game canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

Avallac'h visited the sorceress Keira Metz to find information about Ciri, saying he wanted to find an "ashen-haired woman", as they were supposed to meet in Velen. She had no knowledge of Ciri's whereabouts so he left to go to some elven ruins near Midcopse where he left several morphotic projections for her to follow, if she needed to find him.

Following after him was the Wild Hunt, searching for information about Ciri. Avallac'h fled from the ruins to escape their clutches, with the help of a potion from Keira.

End of game canon content.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Journal entry[]

The being trapped within Uma's tortured husk turned out to be Avallac'h – a powerful Sage of the Aen Elle elves. Geralt had made his acquaintance years before. Already during these prior encounters Avallac'h had displayed an intense and, frankly, rather unnerving interest in the Elder Blood and its bearer, Ciri. His exact motives were unclear at the time, and he had made no particular effort to explain them to Geralt.
Geralt likewise had no idea what bound Ciri and the elf now. There was no doubt Avallac'h had helped her, had saved her numerous times from the Wild Hunt – but why? Alas, the Sage, quivering on a razor's edge between life and death, offered no answers to Geralt's burning questions.
He did, however, muster enough strength to utter a crucial piece of information – Ciri's location.
When Geralt got a chance to talk to Ciri about Avallac'h, he learned that the Sage had been her tutor and mentor for some time. They were bound by a common enemy. Avallac'h had been the chief advisor to the previous ruler of the Aen Elle, whose demise had precipitated a conflict between Avallac'h and the successor, Eredin. The Sage had thus made it his mission to protect Ciri from his new king's malicious designs, whatever the cost.
Ciri made it clear to Geralt that she trusted the Sage. He had saved her life on numerous occasions – including when, feeling the onset of the curse that would transform him into Uma, he resolved to hide her from the Wild Hunt on the Isle of Mists.
Avallac'h played a key role in staving off defeat during the defense of Kaer Morhen. After the battle, he advised the witcher that ultimate victory over Eredin and his ghastly cavalcade would only be possible with magic assistance. That meant Geralt would have to once again pact with members of the infamous Lodge of Sorceresses...
Seizing the calm before the storm, Avallac'h tried once more to teach Ciri to control her incredible talent. He soon found that Ciri was as stubborn a pupil as she was gifted - something that Geralt had discovered for himself much earlier.
Drawing on his knowledge of internal Aen Elle politics and the strengths and weaknesses of the Wild Hunt's commanders, Avallach[sic] crafted a plan to eliminate one of Eredin's most powerful allies - his master of manipulation, Ge'els.
In order to accomplish this, Avallac'h was willing to do anything - even risk a dangerous journey to Tir ná Lia.
Geralt's trip to Avallac'h's laboratory confirmed that the Sage was interested in Ciri and her genealogy.
The elf they stumbled across in Avallac'h's laboratory claimed his interest in Ciri was purely pragmatic and that he secretly loathed her for the human blood in her veins. Was Avallac'h truly so two-faced - or was the mysterious she-elf merely twisting his words to hurt Ciri?
Avallac'h remained shockingly unperturbed when he heard Geralt and his companions had visited his secret laboratory. He openly admitted that he was interested in Lara's bloodline and in protecting her descendants.
If Geralt tells Avallac'h about their visit to his laboratory and chooses to bring up the she-elf:
When they brought up the she-elf they came across in his lab, Avallac'h reacted with mild amusement, as if that particular subject was not worth treating seriously.
If Geralt tells Avallac'h about their visit to his laboratory and chooses to bring up Lara:
When it was suggested that he was more interested in controlling Lara's bloodline and her descendant - namely Ciri - the Sage reacted coldly, curtly dismissing such insinuations.
If Geralt tells Avallac'h about their visit to his laboratory and chooses to believe him:
The witcher considered the matter and decided Avallac'h could be trusted.
Avallac'h played an active role in the war council preceding the luring of the Wild Hunt into their trap. During these discussions he and Ciri briefly got into a heated argument because Avallac'h firmly insisted she not engage directly in the coming conflict.
Eredin's last words sowed seeds of doubt in Geralt's heart, and Ciri and Avallac'h's sudden disappearance led them to spring into thorny shoots. Everything seemed to indicate that the Sage had been pursuing a hidden goal the whole time – to open the gates between worlds.

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  • Avalloc, Afallach, Aballach, Avallach - all are names used variously for the mythical British Isle of Avalon (Isle of Apple Trees), which was originally conceived of as of an Otherworld (home of the fairies/elves/fae), and for the primordial deity ruler of said island, whose name in Welsh means apple tree, and serves as a translation of the British Avalon.
  • The mythical figure of Afallach is known for his many legendary children, most importantly the Welsh mother goddess Modron. Equally, Avallac'h in the Witcher lore was destined to father a special child of the Elder Blood with Lara Dorren.
  • Avallac'h uses an ideogram, which looks like a dragonfly. A dragonfly, when quickly sketched, easily resembles a Celtic infinity knot. Ideograms represent an idea or a concept. In this case, he is equating his own name with the concept of infinity/eternity.


  • He created and trained Caranthir, who would eventually join The Hunt and swear fealty to Eredin. Although Avallac'h's notes indicated that he wished Caranthir well despite his rash temper and tendency to take foolish risks, it is unknown whether Caranthir knew this or not.


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