Disambig-icon This article is about the character tree in The Witcher. For information about the sign, see Axii.
Axii attribute governs the use of the sign. There are five basic levels, each with a selection of attributes, and five levels of special attack (Student, Apprentice, Specialist, Expert, and Master). The full Axii attribute tree can be found below.

Attribute tree Edit

Click on any of the attributes below for a more complete description or scroll down to see each level.

StudentAxii (level 1)SpellApprenticeAxii (level 2)HypnosisExtended Duration ISpecialistAxii (level 3)FazeExtended Duration IIExpertAxii (level 4)TerrorAdded EfficiencyMasterAxii (level 5)AllyCharDev Axii

Talent bronze Level One Edit

CharDev Axii 1

Axii (level 1)

CharDev Axii 1 1


  • Reduces opponents' Hex Resistance

CharDev Axii student


  • Causes Fear
  • Right-click and hold to powerup Sign

Talent bronze Level Two Edit

CharDev Axii 2

Axii (level 2)

CharDev Axii 2 1


CharDev Axii 2 2

Extended Duration I

CharDev Axii apprentice


Talent silver Level Three Edit

CharDev Axii 3

Axii (level 3)

CharDev Axii 3 1


CharDev Axii 3 2

Extended Duration II

CharDev Axii specialist


Talent silver Level Four Edit

CharDev Axii 4

Axii (level 4)

CharDev Axii 4 1


  • Fear +25%
  • Works only with Sign powerup

CharDev Axii 4 2

Added Efficiency

CharDev Axii expert


Talent gold Level Five Edit

CharDev Axii 5

Axii (level 5)

CharDev Axii 5 1


  • Allows Geralt to Hex one additional character

CharDev Axii master


  • Sign Intensity + 100%
  • Causes Fear
  • Right-click and hold to powerup Sign
  • Requires Expert
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