Baccalà is a major port city in Lower Alba which lives off shipbuilding and marine trade.

Geography Edit

Baccalà lies in the southern part of Lower Alba, apparently not far from the City of Golden Towers.[2] It's also the most southern outpost of the Nilfgaardian Empire. Only borders with realms "beyond the seas" are more south. The climate here's warm.[1]

Economy Edit

The port of Baccalà has tarworks and large fish market with sea delicacies in all three variants; fresh, dry and fried. Its dockyards craft splendid barges, cogs, hulks, and galleons which are able to fare to harbors as distant as Cintra or Kerack in the Northern Kingdoms.[3]

Notes Edit

  • Notable ships from Baccalà include the Catriona and Euryale. The former is famous because of the Catriona plague which first appeared on it; the latter took Algernon Guincamp from Kerack to the Empire.

Trivia Edit

  • Baccalà is an Italian name for "cod".

References Edit

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