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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the location. For the quest, see Bald Mountain (quest). For the region, see Bald Mountain (region).

Bald Mountain (Elder Speech: Ard Cerbin) is a low mountain in southern Velen topped by an ancient oak. Every year the Crones' Sabbath takes place in and around the mountain, which is attended by those loyal to the Crones – mostly local peasants – as a form of tribute. At the foot of the mountain is a small village. Within the mountain itself, the Crones have a den in which they feast on the bodies of those they take.

Associated Quest[]


  • Bald Mountain is a reference to Łysa Góra (Bald Mountain), a mountain in Poland known to be an ancient pagan place of cult activity and, in legends, as a place where witches had sabbaths.


  • If the Bald Mountain quest is not active, the village area will be occupied by high-level foglets who are lethal to intrepid low-level players exploring the map. Once the quest is active, the village will be safe, with a blacksmith and one or two merchants.
  • On the mountain there is one Quen Sign Place of Power. It cannot be accessed until a certain point in the Bald Mountain quest is reached.
  • This is the location the Ghost in the Tree mentions to Geralt that the orphans from Crookback Bog were taken to (if Geralt met them before meeting the spirit).