Balin's journal III is a book in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This journal is found on a corpse in the old mines along with Balin's third map and the lower shaft key.

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Foreman Balin's journal - the third fragment
Monsters! Monsters everywhere! The legends were true - it's Durin's Bane! Too deep we delved and awoke a nameless fear. This is all my fault, so I must try to stop the beasts myself. Fly, you fools!

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  • The Balin's Journal quest item that you can find in the mines is a clear reference to The Lord of the Rings. While exploring the mines of Moria, the Fellowship finds "The Book of Khazad-dùm" written by Balin before he died in Moria, where he was buried.
  • "Durin's Bane", also quoted in "The Book of Khazad-dùm", was a Balrog. In the game, there is a Bullvore in the deepest tunnel of the abandoned mines.

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