A Ballad is name for volume containing ballads written and performed by the famous bard Dandelion.

The Witcher

Autumn's scents have pervaded the air.
The wind stole the words from our lips,
That's the way must be, please don't shed,
Those diamonds that run down your cheek.

Journal entries

Glossary: Destiny


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Journal entry


The first scents of autumn can be smelt,
The sense of words is gone in a blink.
No changes in view – it is what they felt
Tears of diamonds on your lashes sink.

Your home all surrounded by snow,
Glassy frost covers rivers and lakes,
That's the way it must be, please don't show,
This yearning and grief on your face.
When the spring comes along with the rain,
The sun will warm up us both,
That's the way it must be for we burn,
With fire eternal like hope...

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