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Baltimore was a runesmith who lived in Vergen. He was described by Thorak as "the greatest specialist the world has ever seen ... me and my apprentices still can't recreate all the runes he could inscribe."

Baltimore was missing by the time Geralt arrived in Vergen and the duties of town runesmith were being filled by Thorak. When Geralt ultimately discovered that Baltimore was dead, by Thorak's hand, a new runesmith was appointed, Bouward.

Journal Entry

Having spent some time in Vergen, I'd heard much about the famous runesmith, Master Baltimore, whom the local dwarves revered. Mastering the profession in question requires practice over scores of years, and runes cast into weapons or tools supposedly grant them unusual properties. We did not meet Master Baltimore, however, as he had disappeared several years before the events described herein. Yet his handiwork was, and is still, reputed to be the pinnacle of the difficult art of forging runic signs.
Either Baltimore really was paranoid, or he had had good reason to believe that his life was in danger.
If Geralt does not choose to give Baltimore's notes to Thorak:
Thanks to some notes, Geralt ascertained that the runesmith's disappearance had been the work of his apprentice, envious of his teacher's secrets.
If Geralt chooses to give Baltimore's notes to Thorak:
Thorak revealed that near his life's end Baltimore had lost his mind. Under these circumstances his disappearance, though still a mystery, was not that surprising.

Associated Quest

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