Baltt, self-titled "The Black", was a young boy and a resident of Vorune in No Man's Land. When Geralt and Vesemir passed through the village during the hunt for Yennefer, Baltt and the rest of the villagers were being subjugated by a Nilfgaardian company being led by Captain Drugan. The boy was caught thieving and was to be executed by the Nilfgaardians, but Geralt intervened and bargained for the boy's life.

Later, when Geralt and Vesemir were hunting a fiend that had been plaguing the local area, Baltt aided the witchers by distracting the beast as it set upon them. He was also instrumental in helping the duo discover Drugan's role in the deaths that had been occurring. Shortly afterwards, Baltt and several other villagers were executed by Drugan and his company for exposing their activities.

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