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Battle for Marnadal was a battle in the First Nilfgaard War between Nilfgaardian and Cintran forces.


Nilfgaard realized their only chance to defeat the North meant they had to take Cintra and thus began to move on the kingdom. At the Marnadal Stairs the two sides clashed and while Queen Calanthe and her husband, Eist Tuirseach, led the Cintran forces, they were eventually overwhelmed after a day's time, with Eist being shot through one of his eyes with an arrow, instantly killing him. Despite being encircled by the enemy, Calanthe managed to gather the few survivors left and escaped back to the capital city, even though she was seriously injured.[1]


Unfortunately for Cintra, due to having used all their able fighters at the ill-fated battle, the capital city wasn't able to be defended and led to the Slaughter of Cintra.




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