Disambig-icon This article is about the Novigradian trade broker. For the knight in Blood and Wine expansion, see Beau Duvall.


Beau Berrant was a Novigradian trade broker and the free city's honorary ambassador in Rinde.


He was living in Rinde during King Heribert's reign, making the Redanian city hostile to magic and mages in general. However, as he was an honorary ambassador, his place was untouchable and thus Yennefer of Vengerberg stayed for a time at his place.

It was during this time that Dandelion was badly injured by a djinn and Geralt rushed to the the nearest city, Rinde, to find help. When he learned the only known mage in the area was at Beau's place, he broke in to ask her for help and found Beau drunk and naked in the kitchen, muttering that the sorceress wanted apple juice but he passed out while trying to get her some.

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