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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the knight in the Blood and Wine expansion. For the Novigradian trade broker, see Beau Berrant.

Beau Duvall was a knight who had hoped to participate in the Knight's Tourney in Toussaint in 1275. However, shortly before the tourney, he had his hair cut by the famed hairdresser, Jean-Louis Ludovic, who cut his hair wrong. Beau was so embarrassed by it that he refused to participate and decided to kidnap the hairdresser and beat him up for making Beau miss his chance at winning the tourney.

If Geralt helps Le Papillon find his friend: Geralt tracked down the hairdresser and Beau, who was hiding in a cave with four of his squires.

...and points out it's not very chivalrous: Beau then decided to fight Geralt, who beat him.
...and says hair grows back: Geralt killed Beau and his four squires.

Associated Quest[]