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Beauclair Palace, situated above the city, is the home to the royal family of Toussaint, and the seat for the country's dukes and duchesses since the reign of Adela Marta.

It was originally built by elves and later renovated by the architect, Peter Faramond. The elegance and craftsmanship of the palace shines like polished alabaster, attracting courtiers and knights from the surrounding provinces like moths to a flame. The Palace also exhibits exquisite stained glass windows, shining marble floors, and the finest corbels and column work. Inside, it boasts the largest library in the known world (not counting the university ones) and huge Knight Hall.

Despite all the work done on it, very few know it has a secret area, hidden by a powerful illusion. Originally only known by the elven builders, it was kept a secret among the few sorcerers in the ducal family and only passed down to other magical family members. Thus, none of the duchesses ever knew of it, but those like Artorius Vigo and his niece Fringilla Vigo, knew of it and used it for their own purposes.[1]

Map description[]

One of the best-preserved artifacts of the elven era, the Beauclair Palace was painstakingly restored and partially rebuilt by the famed Nilfgaardian architect Faramond. Master Faramond, a scholar and expert on nonhuman architecture, is considered the founder of the Neoelven School, of which the Beauclair Palace, home to the rulers of Toussaint, is the most characteristic example.

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  • The palace bears strong structural similarity to Fisherman's Bastion, a famous monument in Budapest.