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Belleteyn festivities

Belleteyn or Beltane,[1] sometimes known as "May Day", "May Night" or "Blossoming", takes place on the night of May Eve, the night of April 30 into May 1. It is a fertility festival beginning at dusk on the 30th and continuing until the dawn of the 1st. It is also a traditional time to begin (or end) relationships of a physical nature. Food, drink and love are the order of the evening making this celebration a time of many marriages. Bonfires abound, and revellers are encouraged to jump the flames for luck and their own fertility.

This holiday of the elven calendar marks the beginning of the fifth savaed, Blathe.


  • Belleteyn is analogous to the real-world celtic holiday of Beltane (anglicised form of the insular celtic "Bhealtaine" and continental celtic "Belotenia"), which is still celebrated to this day.


  • In The Last Wish, it's stated Yennefer was born on Belleteyn, and Geralt calculated that Ciri was also born near the festival.
  • While the specific timeline is not known, sometime after they first got together and separated, Geralt and Yennefer later ran into each other at a Belleteyn celebration.[2]

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