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Benda was the son of King Dagread and the king of Kaedwen. He led the negotiations with Gedovius at Lan Exeter. Under the treaty signed there, later known as the First Treaty of Lan Exeter, official documents relating to Caingorn and Malleore would reference Benda as the king until his death.

He was also the father of Elen, Deirdre, and possibly had an illegitimate daughter, Aideen, who ran away to Kovir. He was greeted as "grandfather" by Gemma when he and Radovid III arrived for the treaty negotiations.

At one point he was willing to risk relations and break diplomatic ties when he saw how badly Elen was being treated by her husband, Corbett, the king of Cintra. However, his daughter stayed in Cintra's court for her son's sake.

He was also the one to break the news to Margrave Edmund Thyssen and King Videmont of Aedirn about Baldwin's birth (their mutual grandson) as their children, Esteril Thyssen and Agnes of Aedirn, had eloped together against their parents' wishes.


  • As Benda appears to take part in several different events that stretch over several family lines (Gedovius and later Gedovius' great-grandson, Esteril) it's possible Benda was the name for several different Kaedwenian kings. He could just be very old though.