Berengar's notes on the Beast is a quest item, and as such, it can neither be bought nor sold, only consulted. Abigail gives these notes to Geralt when he asks her about the beast.



The Beast

"First night: 95 kg of muscle, height around 4,5 feet, fangs the length of a man's thumb — to be avoided. Shares characteristics with Alzur's Demon.

Second night: summons barghests with its howling, has the ability to 'disappear', probably by assuming spectral or spiritual form, can only be seen with the help of a potion.

Third night: highly resistant to iron and Signs, walked right over three Yrdens without noticing.

Fourth night: all features of Alzur's Demon confirmed. The Beast asks a question, those who answer correctly stand a chance of slaying it."

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