Berrik was a prince of Lyria who also ascended the throne of Rivia in 1133, proclaiming his lands' joint confederation and declaring himself its king.


Soon after, Berrik attempted to claim Upper Sodden but was quickly stopped by Cintrans.[1] He died roughly during the 1140s and was succeeded in Lyria by Egon[2] while Rivia gained sovereignty once more.[3] Berrik's heir from the Rivian line managed to secure his father's claims to Angren and Riverdell.[1]

Berrik's reign marks the first attempt to form a lasting union of Lyria and Rivia which eventually came true in 1259 when Reginald the Mighty, the king of Rivia and husband of Lyrian princess Meve, died, leaving his wife as the interim successor until one of their two sons would be able to rule.[4]


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