Bertrand Wirtz was a respected doctor with a degree from Oxenfurt Academy who operated in Novigrad during the 1260s.


By that point, Bertrand was already an elderly man with graying hair though he was still lean and liked to dress in elegant, dark clothes with a golden ring on his right hand. Together with his wife, children, and few assistants he lived and worked in a story house with garden. His patients included the most influential and rich burghers like town officials and priests. The doctor was quite rich himself and aside from the townhouse owned a village residence not far from Novigrad. He was known to visit the place several times a week, at times staying even during the night and rarely taking the family with him. As one rumor had it, the doctor was meeting his lover there while another claimed that some illegal activity was going on in the residence.

Wirtz had neither relatives nor acquaintances in the city and his only friend was mage-healer Eberhartt of Rivia, with whom the doctor spent a lot of time both in Novigrad and his village residence. They discussed all things medical and worked together on something groundbreaking. The fact is that they were trying to find a cure for lycanthropy, testing different methods on werewolves they kept imprisoned, two of which died during the experiments. To ensure no one ever found out about these experiments, Wirtz and Eberhartt hired mercenaries, mostly dwarves, to guard the residence.

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