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Beware! Haunted House & Cheating Merchant! is a document and notice board posting in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It's only available if Novigrad Dreaming is completed and Sarah was allowed to stay.

Journal Entry[]

To all upstanding residents of Novigrad! Hark the words and warning of a loyal fellow townsman - do not do business with that blackguard de Jonkheer! Though his line is held in high esteem and considered honorable, he himself is a swine and a cheat. He sold me a residence at a most attractive price - knowing all the while the house was haunted! There can be no thought of inhabiting it, for an evil spirit torments all who set foot therein! For now the ghost contents itself with rattlings and prankings, but who knows what foul deeds it will turn to in time!
Let then anyone with half a bit of wit about them stay far away from said home, and never make a deal of any sorts with this defrauding de Jonkheer!

Associated Quest[]