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Beyond the seas or Far South is a geographical term applied to regions located beyond the southern boundaries of the Continent or, to be more concrete, Empire of Nilfgaard. The place is presumably divided from the Continent by at least two seas, one of which is the Great Sea. Due to being located so far from other human and nonhuman civilizations, locals naturally developed entirely unique cultures and languages.


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Fauna and Flora

Ofir and Zangvebar, two of the lands which lie beyond the seas, are famous for having white horses black stripes.[1] There are also hyenas found in Zangvebar[2] and one invasive species related to Crab spider called arachas is also native to this part of the world, though it managed to spread north during the 13th century.[3]


The marine trade routes to Ofir and Zangvebar lead there and both of these exotic countries are known to trade with the Northern Kingdoms in large seaside cities like Novigrad[1] or Gors Velen,[4] with wares like mimosa bark[1], ivory or silk.[5] However, for Nordlings they are still very mysterious and more concrete knowledge on the matter can only be found within the libraries of the City of Golden Towers itself, which borders the far south.[3]



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