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Big Feet to Fill: The Fifth Group is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


The quest takes place northwest of Plegmund's Bridge and north from Prophet Lebioda Statue, you can easily locate it if you have Big Feet to Fill as it will guide you to the location.

You will find some bandits at the location who are holding the workers hostage, kill them and then free the merchant who will remark that it was a meaningless effort for the bandits as they didn't have anything of value to steal from them anyway. After that Prophet Lebioda Statue's construction will move forward and the quest ends.

Journal Entry

The fifth transport was to have arrived by boat. It had been expected at its destination quite some time past, so Geralt, a bad feeling rising in his gut, set off in the direction of the boat landing to investigate what had happened.
The witcher's suspicions proved entirely warranted, for bandits had amanged to board the boat and restrain the entire crew. They would in fact have been in dire straits if not for Geralt. He arrived on board just as the bandits were beggining to unload the cargo. The witcher was forced to fight, but once he defeated them, he freed the sailors.


  • Rescue the sailors from the bandits.
  • Rescue the merchant.
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