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Tw3 achievements the doppler effect unlocked.png

Big Feet to Fill: The Fourth Group is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


The quest is located northwest of Trading Post, you can easily locate it if you have Big Feet to Fill as it will guide you to the location.

The location will be abandoned so use your witcher senses to find clues. After examining the place Geralt will find footprints of some Kikimores, follow the trail to find them and their nest. Once you do kill them and burn their nest with Igni then examine the bodies you will find there, which turn out to be the workers. Even though you fail to save this group the construction of Prophet Lebioda Statue will move forward like with the other groups and the quest ends.

Journal Entry[]

The fourth group of missing workers had been due to travel to the building site through an area with a very bad reputation. In setting out to find them, Geralt expected trouble of none too modest sort.
As it turned out, the workers' encampment had been swarmed by kikimores. Geralt failed to find even one living soul in the camp, so he tracked the monsters to their lair, where he found a number of dead bodies. Alas, all the workers had been killed.


  • Investigate the workers' camp.
  • Follow the kikimores' tracks.
  • Search the kikkimore nest.

Assosicated quest[]