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Big Feet to Fill: The Second Group is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


The quest takes place southwest of Plegmund's Bridge, you can easily locate it if you have Big Feet to Fill as it will guide you to the location.

The missing workers are indeed absent, only mentally not physically, which is another way of saying they are all hammered. The only thing you really need to do is to talk to each of them and they will get back to work. After that Prophet Lebioda Statue's construction will move forward and the quest ends.

Note: If you go to this location prior to doing Contract: Bovine Blues, you will find the group during the middle of the party and if you attempt to talk to them it will start a fistfight with 2 of them. Regardless whether you win or lose the construction will move forward.

Journal Entry[]

if Geralt finds the workers after completing bovine blues contract.
The second of the missing transports was especially important, for with it was to have arrived the builders' supply of wine. Since timme immemorial, and the world over, no significant structure had ever been completed without the workers erecting it having received their fair share of alcohol. Thus, finding this group and transport was critical to completing the statue of the prophet Lebioda.
The witcher finally found the second group. As it turned out, its members had decided to stop and get a good, solid taste of the wine they were carrying. Alas, their tasting had quickly descended into a bender. As a result, our hero had to wake the drivers from their justified naps. Though monstrously hung-over, they soon set off again for their destination. Luckily, they had not managed to empty all the wine barrels they were carrying.
if Geralt encounters the drunk workers before the bovine blues contract.
The inhabitants of Toussaint are considered very polite and pleasant folk, but there are exceptions to every rule. Geralt came across just such an exception in the form of a group of drunken workers gathered around a fire. This lot had a strange idea of hospitality: they served him insults as an hors d'oeuvre, then moved on to fisticuffs for the main course.
After the ruckus the workers decided they had no more reason to linger and set off their destination, which was the building site of the Prophet Lebiodas statue.


if Geralt encounters workers before bovine blues.

  • Defeat the drunk workers in a fist fight

if Geralt finds them after bovine blues.

  • Wake up the drunk workers. 0/5

Assosicated quest[]