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Big Feet to Fill: The Third Group is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


The quest is located north of Castel Ravello Vineyard, you can easily locate it if you have Big Feet to Fill as it will guide you to the location.

You will find some wolves by the destroyed cart, examine the location to find footprints and follow them. They will take you to the den of a Spriggan kill it and examine the burrow and the missing workers will come out of it. After that Prophet Lebioda Statue's construction will move forward and the quest ends.

Journal Entry[]

The third of the lost transports had gone missing somewhere in the nearby wilds. The area had a history of folk disappearing - after entering the woods, they would fail ever to return. Geralt could not help but expect the worst.
A monster had beset the workers traveling to the building site. Geralt first dealt with the spriggan and then sought out the workers in a cavern they had hidden from the beast.


  • Investigate the tracks around the abandoned wagons.
  • Follow the workers' tracks.
  • Kill the spriggan.
  • Investigate the cave entrance.

Assosicated quest[]